Event Details

Prior to the event
1. Entry forms to take part can be downloaded from our website at www.ndac.co.uk/extremeironing at the downloads section>.

2. Please forward together with your entry form a deposit of £10.00 by way of a cheque made payable to ‘NDAC’ quoting your name and postcode on the back of the cheque. Send to: The National Diving & Activity Centre Tidenham Quarry, Tidenham, Chepstow, Gloucestershire NP16 7LH. Entry Forms and deposits must be forwarded to the Fundraising team by no later than Thursday 8th January 2009 to secure your place.

3. The event will begin at 08:30 with teams being allocated and a full briefing taking place. 09:30-10:00 in the water to setup, with the ironing starting at 11:00 on Saturday 10th January 2009.

4. Please try and raise additional sponsorship for the RNLI charity and bring any additional monies and sponsorship forms with you on the day.

5. To take part in the World Record attempt, you must be at least 16 years of age. (Under 18’s will need to produce a signed ‘Under 18’ Parental Consent Form – please request this at time of booking) NB The parent or legally appointed guardian will need to be present at the event.

6. Insurance – the event organiser, The National Diving & Activity Centre, has arranged all insurances. Should you wish to discuss this, please contact them directly on 01291 630850 or via their online contact form.

7. If you are suffering from a medical condition, disability or have any reason to doubt your fitness to participate, we advise you to consult your doctor beforehand and discuss with our event organiser. In addition, we request that anyone suffering from a medical condition or disability, produces a doctors note confirming that they are fit enough to take part in the event. All participants will be asked to sign a disclaimer.

8. You will need to supply your own Iron, Garment and Ironing Board, please see the rules for specifications. Also consider that your board may require lead to get it to the bottom.
On the Day
1. For directions and details of the event location please visit the location page at www.ndac.co.uk. Car parking is available at the Diving and Activity Centre which will be clearly identified.

2. Please proceed to the ‘Check-In Desk’ where you will be asked to complete a disclaimer.

3. Please bring your sponsor form along together with all monies raised to date.

4. To save administration time please bring along with you a diver’s Visitors Declaration Form available to download on the NDAC website.

5. Spectators are welcome.

6. Any sponsorship money not available on the day of the event should be sent to: Morag Ward. Postal address details are available by contacting her at morag.ward@btinternet.com or 07904 207 306

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  1. Darren says:


    At what depth do you need to iron at? I read on one of the posts that a photograph or video needs to be taken for proof is this organised by us or by you? Could you supply me with details of the day and how it works?



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