There are some rules pertaining to the event:

Board size

  • A miniature board is ok (although we prefer to see full sized boards wherever possible). However, it can’t be one of those tiny boards. It needs to be at least 1 metre long, 30 centimeters at the widest point and have legs.


  • No plastic toys irons, they must be real irons. Travel irons are fine.


  • Any garment is suitable, but it must be at least the size of a tea towel. It’s hardly impressive to iron a handkerchief!


  • There must be visual proof of ironing (a photo or video clip) and it should be at a recognisable and verifiable landmark. For example, there’s enough pictures of the top of Everest to verify that one. And, it sounds stupid, but you MUST be outdoors – no indoor ironing counts.


  • One Iron/Board/Item to be ironed per person

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