2009 Event

UK divers break world record for the most number of divers ironing underwater at the same time in aid of the RNLI.

128 scuba divers braved the freezing winter temperatures on Saturday 10th January 2009, to attempt to break the world record, currently held by the Australians, for the most number of divers ironing at the same time underwater.

The previous record was 72 but the British divers managed to get 86 ironing within a 10 minute period and this also included 6 freedivers. Water temperatures were in the region of 5 degrees Celsius and air temperatures as low as -2 degrees C. Divers covered the full range from technical diving with trimix to 55m to the shallow end at 6m.

In April 2009 we received confirmation fromGuinness World Records LTD, that we have set the new Guinness World Record for the ‘Most people extreme ironing underwater’. It has been entered into their records as “The most people to consecutively do extreme ironing underwater is 86, achieved by The National Diving and Activity Centre near Chepstow. Gloucestershire, on 10 January 2009.”

View a copy of the certificate here>

The event took place at the National Diving and Activity Centre (NDAC) near Chepstow, Gloucestershire and was organised by Gareth Lock, Morag Ward and John Turnock of the Yorkshire Divers internet forum. In addition to breaking the world record, the aim was to raise money for the RNLI, the charity of choice for the forum for 2008-2009. To date £14,000 had been raised from this event through application fees, sponsorship and a charity raffle.

Image courtesy of Gareth Lock www.imagesoflife.co.uk

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