Extreme Underwater Ironing as an event has been going a number of years and if you google “underwater ironing” it has a massive appeal and following in particuar in USA and Australia.

So the big question is why and how did this come about?

We have been involved with charites at NDAC now for just over 6 years and have provided much needed funds for numerious charities. In 2009 NDAC inland dive site was approached by members from YD (two of them are supporting this years event) about an exciting idea. An underwater ironing event? we thought why not?. At the time we could not have imagined how popular it was to become!

After a few meetings and discssions we set about requesting some information from Guinness World Records (GWR) to see is such an event could happen. To our amazement they said yes and that a record had been set by the boys and girls down under, so we set about building the event over a six month period.

The response of fellow divers who wanted to support the event in numerious ways (photography, Video, News, PR, Images and support staff) was amazing! Before we knew it we had over 140 people who wanted to take part in the event. We set up some threads on YD and set a day for early January 2009 to do the event.

The day itself was freezing, but divers turned out in true diving spirit for the event. We managed to get the GWR and to date we still own the title. If you pop into the NDAC shop you will see the proof with a photograph of all the divers who took part. Maybe you could join those divers by taking part in the 2011 event?

The Future

In 2011 thoughts about Extreme Underwater Ironing 2 started to circle and now we find ourselves with a second event looking to extend our lead over other groups even further (attempts have been made to overtake our record!). The 2011 will be held at the NDAC inland dive site on Sunday 3rd April 2011. We hope to see you all there!

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