Just two days to go, what you need to know…

It’s now just under 36 hours until the most recent attempt on the Extreme Underwater Ironing record attempt takes place at the NDAC, Chepstow. We’ve been getting lots of emails with what to expect on the day and how close we are to breaking a new record, so here’s the latest information….

The NDAC itself will open from 8:00am, however divers have until 10:00am to registerĀ  themselves and obtain a number for a place in the world record breaking attempt. Divers will be organised into teams and assigned areas in which they are comfortable to dive.

The day will consist a number of dives. The first will take place between 10:00am and 11:30am which will allow teams to place their ironing boards, irons, and garments into the quarry waters.

Following this at midday we will have a final briefing for all divers, letting you know what you need to do in front of the camera to get a tick on the record register, and the timing for the entire attempt.

The record attempting dive will take place between 12:30pm and 1:00pm where divers will descend into the UK’s deepest inland dive site and attempt to regain the world record set at the site just two years ago.

Between 1:00pm and 2:30pm divers can return to the water to collect their ironing equipment and help restore the site back to its pre-record attempt state. During this time the adjudicators will be looking at the evidence collected and counting the number of divers qualifying for the record.

At 3:00pmĀ  the big announcement will be made, will you be part of a new world record?

With regards to numbers, we know we now have a target of 130 divers to beat (a record created earlier this year). We have well over 100 divers registered for the event so a new record is a definite possibility.

…that said, please spread the world of the record, we’d not only like to beat it, but smash it out of the water!

If you have any further questions about the day please get in touch with the NDAC directly on 01291 630046 or get in touch with us via twitter, facebook, or email.

We’re very much looking forward to a very special day on Saturday and we hope you are too!

Good luck,

Extreme Underwater Ironing Team

PS Don’t forget we’re raising money for three very good causes and the more we can raise the more good the event can do. Please don’t forget to try and raise funds for the RNLI, Scuba Trust, or Families of the Fallen.

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