Extreme Underwater Ironing — Just 18 days away!

Hi all,

The latest extreme underwater ironing event is just around the corner and we’re all very excited about what the day has in store!

We’re getting close to our previous record in terms of registered divers, but we still need to a big push to ensure that we smash the previous record and more importantly raise some much needed funds for our three nominated charities:

If you haven’t already done so please visit the website to register yourself for the event* (http://extreme-underwater-ironing.co.uk/register/), get a copy of the sponsorship form whilst you are there, and nag all your friends and family to either take part in this great event or to sponsor you today!

Its just 18 days until the big day so please get involved, we’re available via:

  • email ::: info@extreme-underwater-ironing
  • website ::: http://www.extreme-underwater-ironing.co.uk
  • twitter ::: http://www.twitter.com/uwironing
  • facebook ::: http://www.facebook.com/extreme-underwater-ironing.co.uk

If you’re not a member of the diving community Yorkshire Divers, get yourself logged in and part of the forum discussions on the event and all other aspects of scuba diving today!
Looking forward to seeing you on the 3rd  April @ 9am for an amazingly different dive!

Extreme Underwater Ironing Team

PS Don’t let your partner catch you practising or you’ll be ironing for life!

* Don’t worry if you miss the deadline you can still register on the day!

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